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 At Mill Hill Farm Campsite, we have 2 lakes. 

 The Lakes contains Roach,Rudd,Tench,Golden Tench,Common,Mirror,Grass,Ghost and Koi Carp.

There are no bait restrictions, but you may find most hi-tech baits such as betaine pellets and pastes and boilies quite ineffective unless heavily flavored. Most of the larger Carp are caught on the surface by free-lining bread. Sweetcorn seems very popular with the Tench, and worm and maggot are reliable favorites. 

The Carp, though highly visible, make worthy adversaries to the more expert angler, and the Rudd make great entertainment for the kids, as they will never go very long between landing a fish.



 There are no Predator fish. All our fish are 'fin perfect'. It is for this reason that we do not allow keep nets. We appreciate the use of landing nets for all fish, and wet un-hooking mats for larger specimens. Barbless hooks only may be used. We ask that all fish are handled with care and returned as soon as possible.

We would be love to receive your 'grab and grin' photos of any fish caught on our lake. 


 The larger lake is 28ft deep at the centre, it is for this reason that all children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Here is one of our younger anglers proudly showing off a 16lb Koi...




We ask that all anglers using the lake, abide by the countryside code, taking their rubbish to one of our on site bins, and keeping the banks free of discarded line and hooks. 


     We hope the information on this web page has been of some assistance to you. If you do require any more help with any fishing related matters, our staff are on hand to help, or feel free to call our site reception on 01728 668555.

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